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I have puppies available occasionally for individuals interested in active, working dogs. Border Collies do NOT make good couch potatoes.

Genee was been bred to Kal and whelped her first litter on November 15. Click here to see pictures and more information on these puppies.

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On July 13, 2012, Candu finished her AKC Master Agility Championship (MACH) at our home club's (WAG) agility trial. She needed 10 points going into the weekend to finish and her first run of the weekend, on Friday the 13th, she earned 13 points to finish. 

This was an extremely emotional MACH for me. In 2010, Candu was missing for six days while I was on an Alaska cruise. The fact that I got her back and was able to run her at all was the greatest gift for me.

Candu retired at the end of that weekend. She ran agility because  I asked her to. She never liked the people watching her, and worried in crowded areas, so I let her retire. She will watch from the sidelines from now one, but will still visit the Liver Lady and get treats from her favorite people at the shows.

Oelamp's Second AKC Tracking Dog Excellent - Ted

On October 28, 2012, Ted earned his TDX with his owner Jill Bochte. This is the second TDX for both Oelamp and Jill, the first being Jill's other dog, Rig

Jill and Ted, with their track layer and both judges after successfully completing their TDX track